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  Physical Science  
  • Lab Safety Expectations

    Cool Physics Sites:
      Matter & Chemistry  
    Force, Motion, & Simple Machines
     Electricity & Magnetism  
      Waves, Sound, & Light  
      General Physics Sites  

    Matter & Chemistry

    Intro to Matter PowerPoint

    The Atoms Family

    Let dracula, frankenstein,and some of their friends explain some everyday physics phenomena.

    The Atoms Family Song

    Music requires Quicktime to play.


    Learn about the states of matter, the comosition of an atom, the periodic table, and chemical reactions. This is a good site for beginning chemistry students. If you are confident that you know all about chemistry try the chemistry quizzes to check your knowledge!

    Interactive Periodic Table #1
    Periodic Table #2
    Periodic Table #3

    Learn about the periodic table. Click on an element to learn more about it including some history of the element and it's uses. You can also print your own periodic table.

    Comic Book Periodic Table

    Just for fun! Look up what elements were used in different comics.

    BrainPop Molecules and Matter

    Very amusing. Warning, requires a fast computer!

    The pH Factor

    Learn about the pH scale, how  your taste buds are affected by different tastes, how to make liquids change colors, and how to make invisible ink.

    Physical & Chemical Change Assignment

    Force, Motion, & Simple Machines

    Amusement Park Physics
    Funderstaning Roller Coaster
    More Roller Coasters

    What does physics have to do with amusement parks? Find out by designing your own roller coaster. Be careful though, it must pass the safety inspection.

    Simple Machines
    More Simple Machines
    Still More Simple Machines

    Simple machines are simple tools used to make work easier. Learn about different types of simple machines and where you use them in your every day life.

    Goldburger to Go

    Now that you have learned the basics of simple machines. Try this game to build a Rube Goldberg style machine online. Have fun!

    Skateboard Science

    Visit the Exploratorium and learn about the physics of baseball, cycling, hockey, and my personal favorite, skateboarding!

    Sport Science

    Learn the physics of many of your favorite sports including football, baseball, track and field, basketball, golf, pool, and skateboarding.

    Amazing Paper Airplanes

    Learn how to fold tons of paper airplanes including a space shuttle, Nighthawk, Concord, or if you get really good a Blue Angels Triple Plane. Think about Bernoulli's principle and how it affects the flight of these planes.

    Science of Flight

    Learn about the first flight, longest flight, and design your own model aircraft.

    How Things Fly

    What makes an airplane fly? How does a spacecraft stay in orbit? Why does a balloon float in the air? This National Air and Space Museum website will answer these questions and more.

    Electricity & Magnetism

    Electricity & Magnetism

    This module will introduce you to many of the basic concepts involved with Electricity and Magnetism. We will introduce you to static charge, moving charge, voltage, resistance, and current. Magnetism and how it relates to electricity will also be presented.

    Online Electronics Guide

    Learn all the basic about electronics from atoms to ohm's law.

    DC Circuits

    Learn about circuits and use the online lab to play with circuits and test out Ohm's law.

    Energy Quest

    Interactive site to learn about different types of energy, alternative energy sources, how to save energy, etc.


    Interactive site to learn about different types of energy, alternative energy sources, how to save energy, etc.

    Waves, Sound, & Light

    The Soundry

    This website it all about the science of sound. The interactive sound lab is fun to play around with.

    The Science of Music

    How does music work? Interactive activities are lots of fun.

    Optics for Kids

    What is light? What are lenses? How do lasers work? Find out here.

    Eyeball Challenge

    Click on image to go to interactive site. Learn how different organisms see. Play the game to test your new knowledge.

    Interactive Optics Tutorials

    Learn about optics using Java interactive sites.

    Light & Optics

    Learn what there is to know about light and optics and how it relates to our vision.

    Special Effects Science

    Did you ever wonder how they made movies like King Kong or Lord of the Rings? Learn the science and math behind special effects.

    The Electromagnetic Spectrum

    General Physics Sites

    How Stuff Works

    Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold? Then this is the place for you! From engines to bread to the human body, this is the site to find out How Stuff Works!

    Building Big

    Learn about building bridges, skyscrapers, domes, dams, and tunnels. Good for everyone but especially those interested in engineering.

    Little Shop of Physics

    Perform real time experiments using your computer or common household items.

    Phocus on Physics

    This site offers information about the general subject of physics. Throughout this site, you will have opportunites to learn about each area of physics, including the classical ideas of physics and the modern. Each subject area offers background info, experiments, FAQ's, games and quizzes to test your knowledge.

    Gizmos Physical Science

    Interactive site for many physical science concepts. Requires Shockwave. Free demo available.

    The Physics of Everyday Things