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Life Science
  • 7th Grade Science Standards

  • Glencoe Interactive Textbook
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  • Lab Safety Expectations

  • Links to Cool Life Science Sites:

    Protists & Monerans
    Environmental Issues
    Human Body
    General Biology


    Use the Following Links to Complete the Classification Webquest

    Cell Biology

    Virtual Cell - Learn about cell structure & function.
    Microscope Parts - Interactive "quiz" to help learn the parts of the microscope.
    Prokaryotic Cell
    Animal Cell
    Plant Cell
    - These interactive quizzes will help you learn the structures in different types of cells.
    Cell Factory - Use this to help you get ready for your cell city project.

    Pictures of Cell City Projects - Having trouble getting ideas for your cell city project??? Look at some past examples to spark your creativity.

    Cell City Webquest - Don't understand the idea of a metaphor. Look at this site to get a better idea.

    Cell Biology - Learn about the cell cycle and cell division. Test your ability to recognize cells at different stages of mitosis by doing the onion root tip activity. This is a great site for students having trouble understanding mitosis and meiosis. It is also available in Spanish!

    NOVA: How Cells Divide - An easy way to compare mitosis and meiosis. Nice animations make these difficult processes easy to see.

    Cell Structure and Function - Fun, interactive site!
    Cell Structure and Processes - Another great site thanks to Andy Woo!
    Cells Alive - A good site to see cell structures and view images.
    Cellupedia - Some good places to learn about different cells.
    Diffusion, Osmosis, and Active Transport - Interactive animations to help you understand the differences between these concepts.
    Membrane Transport - Great sites to help understand difficult concepts. Good animations!


    Classical Genetics - Use this site to complete your webquest. This will give a basic foundation to begin understanding genetics. It will require Flash and Quicktime to see the animations.
    Gene Scene - Want to learn more about genetics? Here are some good places to start. If you think you know it all why not try an on-line quiz?
    Genetic Science Learning Center
    Drag & Drop Genetics - Practice using Punnett squares.
    Genetics Practice Problems - Need some extra practice? Here you can check yourself.
    Gizmos - Interactive simulations to help understand genetics. Requires shockwave! Free demo for up to 30 days!

    Protists & Monerans

    Microbe ZooWhat is a microbe? A microbe is any living organism that spends its life at a size too tiny to be seen with the naked eye. Microbes include bacteria, protists, some fungi and even some very tiny animals. Viruses and the recently discovered prions are also considered microbes. Discover the many worlds of hidden microbes.
    Microbes in the NewsWhere do microbes affect your real life? Find out here.
    Meet the MicrobesFind out what microbes are helpful and which are harmful. This site looks at common microbes in a school cafeteria, how you get the flu, and how an infection takes over your body. Learn about infection, detection, and prevention.
    The Smallest PageObserve some of the common microscopic organisms found in pond water. Learn about ameobas, water bears, diatoms, ciliates, and more.
    Microbe World - Learn about microbiology. Who does it? What do they do?
    Pond Water ID - Find out what you were looking at under the microscope. This site has pictures of the most common organisms found in pond water. Good Luck!
    Pond Life - Use this site to answer the pond water jeopardy questions.
    Stalking the Mysterious Microbe - Available in English and Spanish.
    Use these sites for you "Bacteria Wanted Poster" Assignment


    Simpy Fungus - Use this site for the Fungus & Lichen Websearch Assignment.

    Fungi Facts - Use this site to complete the fungus scavenger hunt assignment.
    The Fungus Kingdom
    LichenLand - Lichens??? What are they? Is it a fungus? A plant? Learn more about these mysterious organisms.


    Native Plants - Learn about some trees of the Pacific Northwest. Learn how to use a dichotomous key and try to find the mystery tree.
    Wildflower Coloring Book - Look up a wildflower by its common or scientific name and this site will bring up coloring pages which can then be printed. It will even give you a coloring guide if you want one.
    Ecotree - Click on the parts of the tree to learn structures and functions of the plant.
    The Great Plant Escape - Help detective Leplant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life. Flower structure and function found here.


    Online Field Guides - Have you ever wondered what type of frog you found in your back yard, or wanted to make sure that the spider in your room is not poisonous. Check this site out for field guides on plants, fish, butterflies, amphibians, spiders and more. This is a very cool site with lots of pictures.
    The Animal Kingdom - A good starting point for looking at classification within the Animal Kingdom.
    Animal Diversity Web - Trying to research an animal? Here is a good place to start. Type the name of your animal in the search box and you are off.
    A Look at Some Frogs - Learn about the frog lifecycle. Listen to frogs in the rainforest, play a game about camouflage, and more. A very cool site.
    Online Bird Field Guide - Learn about all types of birds. There are pictures, descriptions, and even recordings of what they sound like. Just pull on the drop down menu to browse bird types.
    Animal Bytes

    Environmental Issues

    Biodiversity - What does biodiversity mean anyway???
    A World of Diversity - Learn about nutrient cycles, ecology, biomes, biodiverisity, and how humans impact them all!
    Eco Friendly Kids - How eco friendly are you? How can you make a difference? Check out this site to learn more.
    Environmental Kids Club - EPA site made for students.
    EEK!!!! - Environmenal Education for Kids.
    Global Warming - Learn more about global warming and what you can do about it.


    Build Your Own Food Web - Learn more about food webs and build your own on-line.
    Food Webs & Populations - Through this simulation you can watch what happens along the food web as populations change.

    Biomes of the World
    Earth Observatories: Biomes
    The World's Biomes
    Blue Planet Biomes
    ZOOM Biomes - These sites are great for looking at different ecosystems and biomes.

    Endangered Species Hompage - From the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. General information about the endangered species program, plus status and some information for each endangered or threatened species.
    Yellowstone Wolf Conflict - Learn about the conflict in Yellowstone National Park concerning wolves. Get the facts and then make your own decision about what you think we should do.


    Evolution 101 - Learn the basics of evolution and speciation. A great site to start with.
    Evolution Lab - Try this activity to get a basic understanding of the process of natural selection and how it affects populations.
    Genetic Drift Simulation - In this activity, you will visualize evolution at a simple level and develop your intuition for the process of genetic drift.
    Understanding Evolutionn - What is evolution and how does it work?
    PBS- Evolution - Learn all about evolution. Includes video clips, pictures, and even an online debate.
    Charles Darwin & Evolution - Learn about Darwin & his theory from the University that Darwin attended.

    Human Body

    The Heart On-line - Travel through blood vessels in the heart. Learn about the structure of the heart and the make-up of blood.
    Body Quest - Want to take a slice out of a virtual human body? This site allows you to take a tour of the human body and learn about its different systems. The site contains many graphics, as well as experiments and a quiz for each body system.
    Inner Body Online - Learn all about human anatomy.
    Human Body Structure - Simple overview of the human body systems.
    Anatomia - A site to test yourself on human anatomy. Each system has a picture and you must place the labels in the correct place. Good site for learning your bones!
    Virtual Frog Dissection - This is not a site for those with a weak stomach! Thes site will show pictures of a real frog dissection and allows you to practice what you have learned.
    Virtual Pig Dissection - Now you cna graduate yourself to a pig! This site is an alternative to doing a real dissection in class. You could also use it to help yourself identify what you observe in class. WARNING: Shows real pictures of dissection!
    Virtual Dissections - Haven't had enough already. Here are several more dissections.
    Neuroscience For Kids - Everything you ever wanted to know about the nervous system. Find answers to questions such as; How does chocolate affect the brain? Do we really only use 10% of our brain? Why are yawns contagious?, and much more!
    Mouse Party - Learn the biochemistry behind how drugs affect your brain.
    Sara's Quest - Sara's Quest has been developed for use in schools or in the home for children to learn about the effects of drugs on their brain and body.

    General Biology Sites

    Yucky Science - Discover the yuckiest site on the internet. Look up some revolting recipes, try some icky experiments, or check out your gross and, cool body.
    Grossology - Yes this is the same site that made the book in my room. Be prepared for gross and sometimes inappropriate. I am not responsible if you go to this site! It gives you really useful recipes such as how to make fake snot, fake barf, etc. Take the grossology test to see if you qualify for your diploma. Now that is something to be proud of!
    Is this science?????
    Extreme Science - Did you know that the worlds biggest spider is over 11 inches across? Learn about other world records in science at this extremely interesting site.
    Biology Labs Online - Try a sample.
    Biological Animations Short animations of biological processes including membrane transport, cell division, enzyme pathways, and more. Great for biochemistry visuals.